Colt. The Legend lives.

A proven investment

Fine antique firearms, military firearms and modern day firearms are a proven stable investment, remain strong, and continue to show growth in many areas. The thing that makes guns unique is that they can be enjoyed and will always hold their value if handled carefully.

About Trigger Happy Sporting Goods

We are a trusted licensed California Firearms dealer in business for over 30 years. An informed educator, a passionate advocate, and a life member of the NRA and the CRPA partnering to helping similar organizations around the state of California. Trigger Happy Sporting Goods delivers antique firearms, military firearms and modern day including cowboy firearms to customers of discreet demand.

We offer the discriminating sportsman and firearm enthusiast an exceptional selection of classic antique, collectible and fine sporting firearms, the finest in Colt Single Action Army's, Colt 1911 45 ACP, Belgian Browning’s, Pre-64 Winchesters, and beautiful American-made doubles and over under shotguns. Looking for a special make, year and caliber? We are firearms specialists and are always ready to assist our customers with their buying and selling needs.

We're cowboy action shooters specializing in all aspects of the competition. Our passion is driven from the challenge of the sport. Our concentration is the Colt SAA and our actions speak for themselves. If you're looking for a cowboy action firearm, call us. Our discriminating shooters can expect to shop for the best deals on high quality cowboy action rifles, shotguns and pistols, including cowboy action accessories.