Colt. The Legend Lives.


APPRAISER AT YOUR SERVICE: An expert that has made a study out of most firearms. One example, the Colt Single Action Army Revolver best known by Colt and the gun that is credited with the slogan: “The gun that won the West”. Or the Colt 1911 which some would say was credited with the slogan: "The gun the won the War". With any piece to be appraised, we request to have as much information as possibly about it. Barrel length, serial number, what sort of action it is, caliber and the model.

To deliver an accurate appraisal we request to know as much as possible about the firearm.

  • Type of firearm - Handgun, Simi Automatic Pistol, Revolver, Shotgun, Rifle). Is it a muzzle loader or does it take shells. Handguns is it an semi-automatic or a revolver or if it’s long gun, is it shotgun or rifle.
  • Type of action - What type of action does it have?
  • Caliber - Normally the caliber is marked on the gun. If it can't be identified, a measurement of the barrel may be required. In extreme cases, we are able to match the gun from a photo of it.
  • Measurements - How long is the barrel.
  • Markings - Make & Model and list all the markings on the gun.

Condition – After we know what it is, the biggest factor in value is the condition of the gun.
Differences in condition can easily make the gun worth more or less depending.

The NRA Condition Standards:

  • modern guns as New, Excellent, Very Good, Good or Fair
  • antique guns as Excellent, Fine, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor.
  • Each condition rating has a specific definition.
The Percentage System rates the percent of original finish remaining on the gun - 100% to 0%.

Remember, when refinishing, modifying, customizing, or over-cleaning a collectible gun it could lower the value significantly. Unless you know what you’re doing, don't take it upon yourself to clean up an old gun . At Trigger Happy Sporting Goods, we’ve seen $5,000 guns turned into a $50 disappointments simply because the person did not know what they were doing.